How to Create Hyperlinked Tweet Requests and Pre-written Tweets

In my last post, I shared ways to get more tweets and more comments on your blog. One of the ideas I mentioned was asking the readers of your ezine or online newsletter for tweets, and hyperlinking that request so that clicking it creates a pre-written tweet in their Twitter status bar, ready to be tweeted. It dawned on me that you might want to know HOW to do that!

I use a line in my newsletter that says: "If you like the marketing tips and info you get in this ezine and on my blog please tweet about it!"

This line is hyperlinked, and when clicked on, this tweet appears in the reader’s Twitter status bar…

I learned how to do this from Brian Wong’s blog post at:

This idea is great for your ezine or an email promotion. You can also use this technique on a web page, by creating a custom button (like the example in Brian’s blog post) and hyperlinking it to a pre-written tweet. But if you have a WordPress site, it’s probably easier to just use a plug-in like Tweet This on your web pages.

This week, hyperlink a tweet request in your ezine or email promotion. Then comment below and let us know how you did!

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