3 Simple Ways to Get More Comments and Tweets

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If you’re blogging, writing articles or otherwise creating content, one of your main goals is getting people to react to and share your content. Seems easier said than done, right? Good copy and compelling headlines are always key. But, sometimes the most obvious solutions to any problem are those that we most easily overlook. Let me share my thoughts…

1. Comment and Share

Because people won’t likely comment or tweet your stuff unless they know you, my first suggestion helps get you on their radar. Assuming you’re following people who are interested in your topic, strike up a friendly conversation on Twitter. Take a few minutes to do this every day.

As you read other people’s blogs and articles, take the time to share them on Twitter and Facebook. Not only are you sharing good content with your audience, but the person whose content you shared will take notice, and will appreciate your generosity. Share others’ content every day.

Also, when reading others’ blogs, be sure to comment when you have something to add. I don’t mean just a lame "Thanks for the post!" While that’s nice and all, really think about what valuable insight or information you can add through your comment. And be sure to leave your URL when commenting.

If you give an interesting or valuable comment, the blogger and the readers both may take the time to click back to your site or blog to find out more about you. They may very well leave their own comment on your site.

2. Ask and You Shall Receive

Ok, this seems really obvious, but simply ask people to comment. Yes, of course you can make it a practice to ask thought provoking questions at the end of your post that will encourage comments. But I’m talking about going a step further.

After you’ve written a post or article, simply tweet a few people that you think would have interesting thoughts or opinions about the topic, and let them know you’d love to hear their thoughts. You’ll get better results if you’ve already done a bit of suggestion #1 with these folks. It’s very likely at least one or two will follow through. People love to be asked their opinion!

Ask the wider audience too. If you’re sharing big news or something important, ask for retweets in your tweet! And add a request for tweets in your newsletter. Mine says, “Click here to Tweet about The Navigator!” I also use a “P.S.” in my newsletter that says: “If you like the marketing tips and info you get in this ezine and on my blog, please tweet about it!” Both of these mentions are hyperlinked so that when the reader clicks on it, they are taken to Twitter, and a pre-written tweet appears in their status bar, ready to be tweeted.

If you’re tweeting about a new product or program launch, provide pre-written tweets to your affiliates, and your peers in mastermind and coaching groups. Ask them to tweet about it for you!

3. Make It Easy To Share

In addition to providing pre-written tweets to people who know you, be sure that you’re using social sharing buttons and widgets on your website and blog. Tools like Tweet Meme, Tweet This, Sexy Bookmarks, Add to Any, and the Facebook Like button are all great ways to make it easy for your blog readers to share your content on their favorite social sites.

Doing these three things is simple, as I said, but it does require a little extra effort on your part. Spend the time, once, to add the sharing tools and widgets to your website. And spend just a few minutes a day (set a timer for yourself) to share others’ content, comment on others’ blogs, and simply ask for comments and tweets, and you’ll find that over time the comments, tweets, and other sharing of your content will increase (and so will your traffic and followers).

About Julie Smith

As Leader and Chief Marketing Strategist at NetMarketing Navigator, Julie consults with clients on website planning, marketing strategy, and cause-related strategy/marketing. Together with the Navigator Team,they specialize in custom WordPress website design, brand design, and graphic design.


  1. Fantastic tips, Julie ~

    I know you can’t see me, but I’m applauding right now!

    Each of these three suggestions will make a huge difference in the results people will experience by using social media venues, article directories, and blogging to showcase their expertise.

    I’m happy I discovered a link to your site on MaryEllen Tribby’s blog today. I’m now following you on Twitter, sent a request for FB friendship, and I immediately jumped on your list of subscribers. I have a feeling your “Behind the curtain” special report is going to be something I’ll want to pass along to my target audience.

    Okay, I’ve gotta run now so I can scroll back up the page and hit the “Re-Twee” button. :)

  2. Melanie, thanks so much for your kind words and retweet. I just sent a Twitter and Facebook right back at ya! Looking forward to connecting with you there. Enjoy the free report.

  3. Great points. I try and make it as easy as possible for people to share by having a floating side bar. I also do try and share other peoples posts but I know that sometimes it’s hard because you can’t find their social share buttons.

  4. I really love point 1. I’ve found in my experience it’s very true. If you want people to comment on and tweet your stuff, you should return the favor and do the same. It’s only fair, and a lot of great content gets spread around that way!!!

    Be careful not to share too much, though. Don’t share JUST to share. If it’s not quality, don’t do it. And if you overload your followers with crazy numbers of shares every day they’ll start unfollowing you.

  5. Great point, Victoria, about only sharing quality content. Sharing is a kind of endorsement. And share content that is in line with your business brand and philosophy too. Unless, of course, you’re going to take an opposing point of view and blog about it with your own thoughts!

    Toni, WE know how easy it is to add sharing buttons to our site. And they should be prominent. But if I see something that I really want to share and there’s no share button OR the buttons don’t allow me to tweak or add to the message/tweet, I’ll just write my own tweet and pop the blog post url into my tweet (shortened, of course.)

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts ladies. Love it!