Action Item: Be Professional Yet Personal

Are you using social media to market your small business? I’m talking Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc. What are you using as your profile picture? Should you use a picture of yourself, or your logo?

Consider this: the purpose of social media, in your business, is to build relationships with people…people who may be potential clients, existing clients, potential joint venture partners, etc.

People Do Business with People

You may choose to use your logo as your profile picture, but if you do, people have no idea who they’re hearing from in your social media chats and messages. They are much more likely to engage in discussion if they can see a picture of you and not an icon or logo. For the small business owner, I recommend you use an image of yourself in your social media profiles. Try it and see if you get better results.

Be sure to use an attractive headshot. It doesn’t have to be a formal image shot by a professional, but do choose an image where you’re smiling and looking your best. People really will respond better to an engaging image. Don’t use an image of you with someone else. People won’t know which person is you! Be sure to use your new image in the profiles of all social media accounts you use.

Use Your Image in Blog Comments Too

While you’re at it, be sure that you go to Create an account there and upload your new image. Many blogs use Gravatar to pull in your image when you comment on a blog post. Commenting on others’ blogs is a great way to drive traffic to your website. If you’re leaving valuable comments on other blogs, visitors are even more likely to click back to your website, if they see an attractive image of you in your comment.

Complete this action item for your business this week, and then comment below and let me know how you did! I’ll see your awesome new image in your comment!

About Julie Smith

As Leader and Chief Marketing Strategist at NetMarketing Navigator, Julie consults with clients on website planning, marketing strategy, and cause-related strategy/marketing. Together with the Navigator Team,they specialize in custom WordPress website design, brand design, and graphic design.


  1. When representing the brand, use your logo. (This doesn’t mean you should simply replace yourself with the logo. It could be on your shirt/blouse or superimposed, on a ribbon at the bottom of the avatar.) This reinforces the brand.

    When ~you are~ the brand, definitely use an attractive, professional-looking (not necessarily professionally-shot) photo. Make it a close-up, and choose a pose in which your eyes face forward, even if your shoulders are turned. You’re “speaking” in your tweets, and this helps emulate eye contact.

    While evicting your logo to a branded Twitter background may help make room for a better, closer photo of you, take note that many people access Twitter from mobile apps and desktop tools that show only your profile pic with your tweets.

  2. Hi Mark, thanks for stopping by. I love your suggestion about superimposing your logo into the avatar with your image. I have seen this done, and it looks good. Great point about mobile apps and desktop tools too. Hopefully, we’re also writing interesting and engaging tweets and posts that get people to click back to our profile pages to find out more!